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Yoga has transformed my life

For a decade I lived with a debilitating chronic condition, Yoga and Acupuncture helped me cope and recover. The yoga was a combination of very gentle Hatha, Restorative yoga and Yoga Nidra. I aim to inspire and share this alchemy with everyone I can, particularly those who are coping with the stress, isolation and strain of illness. My experience taught me compassion and how yoga can support, whether it be cancer, M.E or anxiety. I currently teach at Manchester Maggies centre and see the amazing effects of yoga there.

My yoga is naturally therapeutic informed by many years as an AOR Reflexologist. I use yoga to support women at all stages of their lives too, from teenagers, in pregnancy through to menopause and beyond. I teach yoga classes for pregnancy and birth in Whalley Range and Sale. Yoga was invaluable for me during my second pregnancy, labour and birth, the breath-work enabled me to have  a drug free water birth at home. 

As a classroom teacher I worked with teenagers for many years, now I use mindful yoga to support them through this stressful time of exam pressure and change.

Creativity informs all aspects of my life from gardening to yoga. I’ve worked in radio, been a journalist, a media and drama teacher and a stage manager in the theatre. I also have a Masters degree in Creative Writing, specialising in writing for theatre. I bring this creativity into all of my classes.

The next chapter for me is to complete my training as a…
Yoga Therapist for Young People, inspired by my teenage son who has ADHD and is dyslexic. He was crushed by the present GCSE system and the lack of support for young people like him. 

It’s vital I use my diverse skills and try and offer support in someway. 

Using therapeutic yoga in a revolutionary way to create change… Rest Revolution 

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